Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Turfcall backs John McCririck's (the Punter's Champion) statement concerning axing of racing fixtures by the BBC

A petition has been handed into No10 Downing Street protesting at the BBC's axing of racing coverage down from 31 race meetings to 14 by 2010. The petition was instigated by Great Leigh's spokesperson Pippa Cuckson and can be signed by any British Citizen.

Twenty two MPs have to date also signed the petition.

Ten years ago the number of BBC racing programmes was a lofty 79 days coverage and the BBC should be reminded of its obligations of committment to the public as a public service broadcaster. Cuckson said "By cherry picking the dual purpose 'social events' such as The Derby, Royal Ascot and The Grand National, the BBC is reckless as to the future of the smaller fixtures.

"Hands off our classics" - John McCririck - the Punter's Champion

Some of the fixtures which are currently presented by Channel 4 are also to be offered to the BBC to cherry pick from. This has led to criticism from Channel 4 celebrity racing pundit John McCririck who said "If Channel 4's prestige fixtures are being offered to other broadcasters, then Channel 4 will possibly consider its position" meaning that there could also be even less coverage by other TV stations too.

Turfcall fully backs the petition and will continue to fight for the reinstatement of British Horseracing on British television screens for enjoyment of all horseracing fans.

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