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THE MALFUNCTION OF FAULTY STALL (5) CAUSED THIS WHOLE PRADICAMENT, BADLY EFFECTING VANATINA partnered by LUKE MORRIS in Race 6 the 3:25 over 7f the Williamhill.com Bet In Play Now! Handicap (Class 6) Winner £2,047.20

Stewards at Kempton this day stated to be: J.Wallinger, A.White, D.Watt. Stipendiares C.R Vickers, A.D McMcGlone.
Starters: M.Smith, R.Supple

As clearly shown on Channel 4 Racing that afternoon stall 5 opened before any of the other 9 stalls opened, a false start. Due to the consequences of this LUKE MORRIS had a nasty fall immediately after unlucky VANATINA left stall 5 causing her to gallop riderless/ loose, down the course for quite some time, before she was eventually caught, and withdrawn. It is hoped that both VANATINA and LUKE MORRIS got home that day without any serious damage to life or limb.

What do the owners Black Diamond Racing think about this?
What does the British licensed trainer W.M Bradbourne think about this?
What does the team working with W.M Brisbourne every day think about this?
Weeks and weeks of work destroyed by one faulty starting stall.
Who checks these stalls out before racing takes place?
Who’s responsibility is it to ensure that all equipment used on the racecourse is sound and working properly?

Surely all the parties involved as listed above to include VANATINA and LUKE MORRIS should receive considerable compensation from both the racecourse authorities and the starting stall racing services (RaceTech) for failing to ensure that all the racecourse equipment is safe to use. If a starting stall is found to be faulty this must not on any account be used. Who is responsible to check these stalls out before racing takes place?

John McCririck spoke up at the time with true concerns about VANATINA and LUKE MORRIS’S welfare, with further concern regarding the punters who had backed VANATINA. In cases as this, all punters who had backed VANATINA should receive their stake money back.

Further more, any unsporting dangerous incidences occurring during the running of any, and all races, both on the Flat and National Hunt, punters need to know if their horse is interfered with, put out of the race, that they most certainly will always get their stake money back.

Channel 4 “The Morning Line Live” on Saturday November 7th 2009 8am to 9am.
Tanya Stevenson asked all tuned in for emails stating their opinion regarding Punters rights re: stalls incident in particular.

Turfcall responded sending an email in timed at 8:30am that morning as follows:

STARTS “Tanya, stalls incident shown on the Morning Line this morning.
Yes all punters clobbered by all and any misfortune happening in the starting stalls whosoever's fault it is, should get their stake money back.

A few years back now the two year old colt Threat trained by John Gosden having his debut run at Goodwood and partnered by Frankie Dettori was trapped in a
faulty starting stall which failed to open at all. Frankie was blamed and received a hefty fine !!!!!!! What sort of Justice was that? A highly dangerous experience for both Threat & Frankie.

J. Margaret Clarke
For and on behalf of Turfcall UK”




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