Thursday, March 11, 2010


Countdown to the ‘Cheltenham Festival of Jump Racing 2010’
British Host Authorities at Cheltenham, are called into question here.

It is sincerely hoped that throughout this years Cheltenham Festival, there will be no fatalities or sever injuries, to either the horses competing or to their riders.

“Let the horses do the talking.” The Cheltenham Festival meeting does not have a good record regarding safety issues relating to each competing horse and rider. Without which the ‘Cheltenham Festival Stage’ would be an empty one.

Far too many ‘Bloodhorse Illiterate’ authority personnel are employed within this key area of British horseracing and they grossly effect and deny the true balance of what British Horseracing is all about.

It is the key duty, or should be the key duty of all personnel employed by the Cheltenham Racecourse, and indeed all other racecourses to take up their ‘Bloodhorse Literate’ responsibilities in full, to insure a safe environment is always secured for each horses safety and all those accompanying each horse.

‘Bloodhorse Illiterate’ parties aid and provoke dangerous situations, by their every move. Their mindset is out of tune and oblivious to the dangerous situations that can occur so quickly frightening the horses.

Prior to the first race taking place on Tuesday March 16th and all the further races held at this meeting, each and every rider/jockey taking part needs to fully understand that their riding tactics need to compliment the sport of horseracing as a sport not as a war. To ensure that the younger riders do not allow their enthusiasm to overcome their common sense.

Finally each and every rider/jockey needs to understand and recognise the faith that each and every owner/trainer has placed within their hands. To never throw caution to the win. Care may end up to be the one thing that will win the race.


i. Cruel/harsh/ignorant and abusive whip tactics. Resulting in horses being forced through the pain barrier or worse unfairly. Hands and heals to always be the preference.

ii. Dirty riding tactics however caused accidently or on purpose endangering the life and limb of any and all other competitors including the horses taking part belonging to owners. Owners who most certainly do not need to end up broken hearted if disasters are left to happen. Which has been the case far too often in the past.

iii. Clipping heals, the deadliest and most dangerous of all riding negligence.

iv. Unfit horses, and unfit riders to be eliminated from competing.

v. Far too many horses have lost their lives at this yearly festival meeting. So are unable to do any talking. Other than that evidence already captured on film. Which personnel who are ‘Bloodhorse Illiterate’ will fail to pick up on.

vi. False ground on both the take off, and the landing side of each fence or hurdle. False ground is not acceptible anywhere on a race track. Ground that is left to become false, with no public statement about the possible dangers that such ground conditions may provoke.

The stark questions still grossly and glaringly in evidence, remain to be: The Cheltenham Racecourse Authority Income acquired for themselves through hosting the Cheltenham Festival. Collated in the main through other peoples work achievements to include the horses. The same format used by the Government, the Levy Board and the British legal justice system. What right do any of these people think that they have in holding all true horsemen and horsewomen, past and present to ransom. To stifle the very living daylights out of them all, specifically for only their own gain.

The Cheltenham Racecourse Authority, behaviour here remains to be upsides the Bank Scandal, (financial situation) the MP’s Scandal,( political situation), the National Health Scandal (the medical profession) the British Legal Justice System (legal profession)The stifling beaurocracy of the Social Services. All of these seriously infected areas caught up in a different time warp from the British public to whom they all proport to serve. An daily entangelment to which all British people are caught up in. Caught up in eternal spin, expected to put up and shut up. Like watching a sport in which only the privileged few know the rules. Why are all these authorities so intent on ripping off the British people?




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