Friday, August 27, 2010


What do these parties hope to achieve exactly in denying people fair pay for the skills they have worked to achieve and have achieved? Even when there is no career structure in place, as is found in what we are told is a multi billion pound Horseracing Industry. An industry considered to be one of the biggest in Britain. Who would want such artistry and skill achieved to be blunted and scared by the above named parties uncaring ignorant attitide, an attitude that expects people to work on the minimum wage indefinitely? What sort of con is this?

The vital artistry skills that go into preparing a yearling, two year old, or three year old colt or filly for the racetrack? Most of these key and vital skills are being taken for granted. Excessive workloads with scant pay, ignored big time by these parties as stated above ... the powers that be.

The vital artistry skills that go into have a baby, to actually give birth to a baby, to care for a baby, to care for a two year old, a teenager, an adolescent, for life in the real world? Most are taken for granted and ignored by the powers that be.

We see David Cameron on television this week on holiday, standing outside a hospital, where his most beautiful wife, has just given birth to a baby daughter. The miracle of new life unfolds in the Cameron family. Surely you would like to believe that as a father, Cameron would by now have got his priorities right, would do everything in his power within Government to ensure that all children get a fair start in life, are properly prepared to venture out into the real world with confidence with career choice and development started within school carriculums' from the age of fourteen up. All children, not only rich privileged families children.

So why are all these politicians and horseracing rulers taking the lives of both people and animals for granted in such a cruel and inhuman way?

The sting of Government, MP’s and Horseracing Regulation Parties unjust inadequacies, allow an ignorance that has and is blighting and poisoning so many peoples lives, and that has and is blighting and poisoning so many animals lives ongoing over decades.

For what purpose? What exactly are these powerful people hoping to achieve?




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