Monday, August 06, 2007

National Chairman of the Stable Lads Association Jeremy Corkell, and Internal Senior Professional Horseman Don Stacey Lambourn, act to engage Tim Lyle

Jeremy Corkell confirmed that the decision to engage Tim Lyle, had been taken a
week ago, and that following Lyle’s seven days' holiday, he would begin work next Monday August 13 to cover the northern region on a full time basis.

Explaining the decision, Corkell said: "Jim Cornelius had discussed with me the need to get two people out in the field. We needed to appoint someone quickly, and though others were mentioned, Tim Lyle got the vote. "Tim will be brilliant out in the field. He's done it before, when he worked for the SLA with Bill Adams, and he knows the people. I think Tim and Jim will work well together. They'll bounce ideas off each other."

Lambourn-based senior horseman Stacey, who attended last week's national committee meeting, alongside Corkell, confirmed that he had not been in contact with Jim Cornelius, who is unable to take up his post full time until September 3.

Lyle, a former TGWU official, applied for the role of chief executive, but did not make the ballot stage, at which ex-Unison regional organiser Jim Cornelius topped the 187-vote election from two "internal" candidates, George McGrath and Don Stacey.



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