Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sign up to the petition to stop the BBC from cutting horseracing coverage

The BBC intends to cut horseracing coverage to just 14 days by 2010

Lee Mottershead for The Racing Post published information on Monday January 5th 2009 highlighting Pippa Cuckson spokeswoman from Great Leighs Petition to call upon Prime Minister
Gordon Brown to "ask the BBC to retain its current levels of horseracing coverage, as befits a public service broadcaster, and to reinstate the 15 days that it currently proposes to scrap from 2010."

A timely reminder from Cuckson who claims that "the BBC's plan could jeopardise 20,000 jobs and a racing industries tax contribution of £280 million a year, adding that ten years ago, the BBC covered 79 days horseracing, by 2010 it will be only 14, unless the BBC can be reminded of its obligation as a public service broadcaster and it scraps plans for emasculating its reportage of the sport which appeals to the widest demographic of all."

The BBC choose to totally overlook the fact that many families in Britain who follow British Horseracing cannot afford to pay 'Racing UK' or 'At The Races' monthly fees, thereby are solely reliant on the excellent and improving coverage provided each week by Channel4's 'The Morning Line,' to include their excellent weekly coverage at Racemeetings.

The BBC need to take up their responsibilities to the public fully by adding, not reducing their imput, to include weekly factual documentry films to show exactly what this wonderful sport is really all about; they already employ Clare Balding so further NEW HORSERACING DOCUMENTARY FILMS should be absolutely at their finger tips, and vitally needed throughout this multi billion pound British horseracing industry. EG: Go to www.turfcall.co.uk

The BBC need to work upsides Channel4, not greedily against them by cherry picking only the best meetings. This stark behaviour from the BBC is surely totally unacceptible, a mega scandal.

Gordon Brown's duty to uphold .... Education, education, education ....

Click the link to sign the petition to the government to stop the BBC from cutting Horseracing coverage on TV.


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