Saturday, February 06, 2010


A preview of Saturday's runners and riders.

Today’s meetings covered by Channel 4 are:-
Sandown Jumps 1.30
Doncaster Jumps 12.50
Wetherby Jumps 1.15

The Morning Line’s Preview Horseracing Team this morning:-
Leslie Graham
John McCririck
Tanya Stevenson
Jim McGrath
Simon Holt
Guest: Jeremy Kyle

To put briefly into context here, all the different parts that go to make up the whole package that is the Sport of British Horseracing, combined into what we are led to believe is a British multi billion pound industry. Considered to be one of the biggest industries in Britain. An industry that provides British Governments with huge revenue each and every year, ongoing over decades. Whilst all those who work daily at the dangerous sharp end, all those who do actually take all the risks each and every day in preparing all these bloodhorses for the track, all those who make up each and every licensed trainer team, remain to be poorly paid, and grossly misunderstood. Mega daylight robbery of the very worst kind.

There are four separate distinct parts that go to provide this sport. All of which need to compliment each of the other parts if British Horseracing is to be allowed to reach its true potential. Sadly at this point in time this is just not happening.

Part i. The Sport inclusive of all those taking an active part to include the horses. In which true regulation support is vital to ensure fair play … as supposedly needs to be the case in all sport.

Part ii. A fascinating Gambling Game that is open for anyone who wishes, to take
part in. Today’s panel appearing on the Morning Line, as set out above, all these
people as named are Bloodhorse Illiterate. They all belong in this section because they all have considerable knowledge within this domain/section/area of intelligence.

Part iii. Aim, to direct/open up British horseracing to provide families with the opportunity to enjoy a happy, entertaining, exciting, and memorable day out at the races. A Glamorous Garden Party leasure persuit, inclusive of horseracing and music.

Part iv. To bring out the True Rich History that British Horseracing throughout the centuries has achieved. To which so many have contributed so bravely for so long, without recognition of any sort … mostly all taken for granted.

Still wondering if the first steps on the way to recovery are managing to take root to just begin to peep through the frost and snow covered turf of winter, toward the miracle sight of those most beautiful little snow drops heralding the promise of spring. Whilst intentions may sound verbally good and in theory, 'in practice' realistically may well be dangerously impossible, forced out of focus through 'Bloodhorse Illiteracy' which is what has been allowed to happen to date.

Now the aim seems to be to develop British horseracing as British football has been developed. One difference being that a football, can never be compared with a live thoroughbred bloodhorse bred for racing. To open the sport up for all families to enjoy as a leisure time pursuit a good day out. Still a long, long way to go ....In the present order of things that is .....

First and foremost the health of the sport that is British horseracing. How you rear
your pup you get your dog, if you do not bother to rear your pup you end up with a confused and unhappy dog. If you do not bother to rear your sons and daughters you end up with young adults who are confused and unhappy. Just the same with foals, yearlings and two year olds. Bloodhorse Illiteracy ongoing within the British Regulation parties Jockey Club, British Horseracing Board, Horse Racing Association, and now the British Horseracing Authority, Licensing, Stewarding and Disciplinary all have failed miserably to ensure the rights and needs of all young ones, to include the horses, just starting out on the path of life are properly cared for and carefully tutored, by parties who do have the right knowledge and expertise. To refuse to ensure that true foundation career structures are available and in place, to Turfcall a cardinal error of the very worst kind. Something that cannot be cured in an instant if at all.

At present we have far too many Bloodhorse Illiterate British Horseracing Authority regulators, together with their Licensing, Stewarding and Disciplinary people attempting to right the many wrongs in an instant that they have failed to address over decades. Passing on the blame of their own failings, to the people that they have been letting down and ignoring over decades, all those who work daily at the dangerous sharp end to include the horses. Kieren Fallon, Graham Bradley, Jamie Osbourne and Nick Henderson, to name only a few here.




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