Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Nick Clegg for the LibDems is the only politician so far to offer real change.
To confirm that real change is indeed possible. That we can all help to make these changes to get Britain back on track, to understand exactly what the word FAIR and CARE does actually mean.

The very fact that all politicians have had, and are having to attempt to cope with, such a huge overload of work, in the build up to this election, in itself shows the
glaring inadequacies’of the political foundation system/structures within Britain, structures which have been allowed to go on and on over decades and decades, no
matter what party is elected.. . Politicians present frantic quest for power no matter what the cost. How can this ever be right?

Thomas Arnold that famous headmaster of Rugby School in the earlier part of the 19th century, quote “There is nothing so unnatural and convulsive to society as the strain to keep things fixed when all the world is in eternal progress; and the cause of all the evils of the world may be traced to that most natural but most deadly error of human indolence and corruption that our business is to preserve and not improve”.

We are all suffering one of the very worst world wide recessions ever .... so where is the money coming from to pay for this next General Election and the frantic build up to it?

Who is putting up the money for all this exactly?

Where is all the money coming from to pay for all this?

What will the final bill come to exactly is anyone allowed to know?

The vast majority of people in this country feel cut off and distant, remote, ignored, not needed in any way, recognised only as a number, not as a living
breathing human being by the supposed British Political System, inclusive of the
corruption and greed of the 'Rip off Banks, ‘Rip off Bureaucracy ‘Rip Off British Legal Justice System only available for the rich. ‘The Rip Off Medical Profession.
All those quick to grab survival hand outs, whilst the rest are left to loose out big time.

This General Election will not stop or cure the blight that has been allowed to seep daily ongoing over decades into all the different social divisions within Britain going back over the last 60 years no matter what party wins. The key question has to be, will anyone bother to turn out to Vote?

Surely these should be happening once a month following a General Election as well. For the purpose of allowing the British people to know what exactly is going on. What the key urgent objectives are exactly. A list would help for starters, with the most urgent at the top of the list.

Politicians are not connecting with the people. Sadly they remain out of touch, remote, unaware of the stark realities born by so many.

Only when a General Election is pending ... when the politicians want something from us .... to get our vote ..... otherwise nothing. All lost within the aura and grandeur that is the Houses of Parliament.

Politicians in every area inclusive of all parties are needed to attend to all the difficulties within that area that need urgent attention. Politicians closeted in grandeur up in London will never get anything done. Or be aware of what actually does need to be done in the first place.




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