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Members Christmas Present 2010
Not only do you get your
fabulous glossy Listening Post magazine with a free DVD

but also your £9.95 Top Spec Feed voucher
and heaps of wonderful articles!

Don't forget...
It's the most wonderful time
of the year to...

...Surprise someone with the full benefits of Membership
to Intelligent Horsemanship for just £20!

Simply add the lucky friend's or family member's address as shipping address and we will send them their membership pack including the Christmas issue of the Listening Post!

Members' tour tickets will be stamped for admission to private audience, so make sure you buy membership and tickets at the same time!

February 11th – Aintree Racecourse Arena,
Liverpool, L9 5AS, Merseyside

February 18th – The College EC,
Keysoe, MK44 2JP, Bedfordshire

February 26th – The Hand EC,
Clevedon, BS21 6TG, Somerset

With Special Guest Appearance by
Martin Clunes!


IH Members go in to the Private Audience and get to reserve the best seats!

‘I'm Shy Boy’ by Monty Roberts
Hard Back book with glossy cover and over 140 quality pages - this books feels as good as it looks and reads.

"I expected this to be good but it was even better than I'd thought it would be. I loved every word of it and the drawings were just amazing.

This is the real, true story of a wild mustang called Shy Boy. Born in the mountain ranges of Nevada in America, Shy Boy tells of his life as a foal, and then growing up in the wild with his herd. He then relives the story of how he ended up being owned and trained by Monty, and the amazing adventures he's experienced since.

I knew most of the story of one of the world's most famous horses before reading the book but it still is a great story to read. Not many real horses have had such an extraordinary life. And not many real horses have the voice of the amazing Monty Roberts to tell us about it. Monty's understanding of horses in general and the wonderful Shy Boy in particular, mean that this tale is not just a story.

His insight into how horses think, remember and learn will be fascinating to all IH members and to anyone else who wants to improve their understanding of their own ponies. Throughout his life, Shy Boy never forgets his wild origins or the experiences that taught him along the way. The lessons Shy Boy learns and recounts can be lessons to us all.

It is a really great read just for the story. It is exciting, for example when Shy Boy is first captured by humans or when he is taught not to be scared by firecrackers (!!!), and very moving too. As Shy Boy's trust in Monty, and then in other humans, develops, you can't help feeling the depth of the emotion between both horse and human."

(Review by Liz Pitman, RA)

'I'm Shy Boy'

Interpreted by Monty Roberts. Illustrations by Sisko Tahon-Raulo and Phillipa “Millie” Raulo. Hardback.
order online
Your Horse Live Prize Draw

And the winner for the two day course with Kelly is...

Marian Panther!

Marian please contact the office at to book your life changing prize!

STOP PRESS! Pie and Kelly special appearance at Olympia!

Go to Kelly Marks and Intelligent Horsemanship on Facebook for up to date news!,shop.browse/category_id,30/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,66/


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